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Prey of the clans

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Prey of the clans Empty Prey of the clans

Post by Starclan on Wed Jan 23, 2013 2:28 pm

each of the clans have their prey!

List of Prey Animals

thunderclan prey
Riverclan Prey
Shadowclan Prey
Windclan prey
All of the clans prey

Description: Leathery gray-green or gray-brown amphibians with powerful hind legs, a small brown patch by each eye and leathery skin. About 6 cm (two to three inches) in length.[20] Only eaten by ShadowClan.

Description: Greenish-brown amphibians with a heavy, rounded shape, thick legs and warty skin. Three to five inches long.

Description: A common type of songbird. About 10 cm in length. Have strong stubby beaks and are pretty and colorful. Often caught by ThunderClan

Description: Songbird. Soft-plumaged, small to medium sized birds, about 20 cm in length.

Description: Small and plump brown-gray songbirds with short tails and stubby yet powerful beaks. About 14 cm in length.

Description: Long-legged scavenging birds with a completely black body, a thick neckand a heavy,straight bill. 40-50 cm in length. Considered very difficult to catch

Description: Stout-bodied birds with short necks, short, slender bills. About 32 cm in length.
Highest Level of Classification:

Description: Black feathers with iridescent markings, bright yellow beaks. About 25 cm in length.

Description: Black and white birds that are related to crows. Very intelligent. About 20-30 cm in length. Often killed by ThunderClan.

Description: Large birds. Highly ornate with bright colors, wattles and long tails. About one meter in length. Eaten exclusively by ThunderClan

Description: Medium to very small songbirds (about 15cm in length). Colors of their plumage can be gray, brown, black and white.

Description: Medium sized water birds (about 35cm in length). Mostly brown and black with some white markings. Have rounded wings. Weak fliers but fast runners and swimmers.

Description: Have glossy black plumage, a long tail, blackish-brown legs, an orange eye ring and an orange-yellow beak. About 26 cm in length.Often caught by ThunderClan

Description: Normally shades of brown, white, or black plumage. Red markings on the head.Have red wattles the underside of the neck, close to the bill. About 30 cm long. Often caught by rogues or loners

Description: Songbird with a reddish-brown breast, brown underparts. Sometimes jet-black to gray. Mostly yellow-brown bill. About 35 cm long.

Description: Unborn birds, found in nests protected by adult birds.

Description: Many different species such as trout, minnow, salmon, pike, or carp. Main prey of RiverClan, This diet makes their fur repel water

Bat: Small furry animals with large ears and whose forelimbs form webbed wings. Range of different lengths- smallest bat is 29mm long.

Shrew (terrestrial)
Description: Small, rodent-like creatures. Have gray to brown fur, long noses, small eyes and rounded bodies, About 9 cm long.

Water Shrew
Description: Large shrews with small ears, a waterproof coat and a tail with a line of stiff fur that acts as a rudder. About 15 cm long.

Description: Compact animals with long legs, oval-shaped heads, long ears and light brown fur with a lighter underbelly. About 35 cm long. Main prey of WindClan

Description: Long legs and ears similar to a rabbit. Fur is commonly an orange shade of brown. Very fast; can reach speeds of 45mph.

Description: Long, thin reptiles with mottled skin in shades of dark and light brown that range from yellow to red. On average they are about 1.5 meters, although sizes may vary between species and such.Sometimes Shadowclan prey.

Description: Venomous snakes with long scaly bodies. Greenish-brown colour in females and steely gray in males. Body marked with indented zig-zag stripes. About 1 meter or longer in length.

Description: Small brown reptiles with mottled, leathery skin and low slung bodies. They also have long, whip-like tails and stuck-out legs. Many shapes and sizes, though the ones caught by Clan cats are shorter, around 15 cm

Description: Rodents with fluffy tails and small paws. Majority are gray, though black, albino and red ones exist. About 8.5 cm in length.

Description: Have very small, gray, stout bodies, a short hairy tail, a slightly round head and small ears and eyes. About 15 cm in length.

Water Vole
Description: Small rodent with a short nose and tail and dense brown fur. About 25 cm in length. Usually prey of RiverClan

Description: Small brown rodents with long, naked tails, whiskers, large ears and prominent dark eyes. About 10 cm in length.

Wood Mouse
Description: Look like normal mice but have longer, larger ears and a long, narrow snout.

Rats Edit

Description:Small rodents with long bald tails and fur that ranges from gray-brown through black. About 25 cm in length

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